Editable Grocery Shopping List


Want a little more control over your grocery shopping list?

Add on YOUR grocery staples, and take off the items in the master copy that you don’t need taking up space on your list.

Go one step further and organize the categories in the order of how you walk in your favorite grocery store.

Your grocery shopping just got a WHOLE lot easier.

Simply download on a laptop/desktop computer (ipads, tablets and phones typically do not work for this type of pdf editable document) edit right inside the file, and print when you have it just right for YOU!

Hang it on the refrigerator door (or wherever your central station is) and highlight the items needed as you run out or think of them, and take the list with you to the store when ready.

Grab your highlighted items and you’re all set!

Print, again and again, to keep the same system going!

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