Holiday Party Planning Sheets


A quick start guide, that will hold your hand so you can conquer any Holiday Party you’re hosting!

What this planner includes:

8 Sheets of printables that will be immediately emailed to you after purchase.  I’ve created this party planner with the flexibility that it can be used for even a small family gathering this holiday, or a LARGE work party that your boss has given you the task of.

The Holiday Planner is what I use for all of the parties that I style and host for personal get togethers or for large brands like Martha Stewart, Coca-Cola and Hershey’s! These planning sheets will hold your hand through the entire planning process. No one likes a stressed out hostess, so do yourself, and your guests a favor, by saving your sanity with this planner of mine.

Printables you’ll receive:

• Cover (To insert in the front of a 3-ring binder, staple on the front, or however you choose to bind your planner!)

• Party Detail Overview

• Guest List Tracker

• Menu Planner

(Dish Category, Shopping List, Food Budget)

• Food/Drink Serving Guide

• Decor Checklist/Tracker

• Monthly Calendar to dedicate TO your Party

• Weekly Calendar with Notes Section & To-Do Lists

3-Ring binder not included. Planning sheets will be emailed to you immediately after purchase, so you can print them out and utilize however you like!

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