“Blogging Fearless” Blogging Workbook

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Have you thought about starting a blog, but have NO idea where to start or aren’t sure if your ideas for a blog would work?

I so wish I would have had this workbook when I got started blogging in 2011, so I wouldn’t have started a blog that I quickly resented and had to start from scratch after 2 VERY LONG years.

After completing this workbook, you’ll have:

• A strategy for starting a blog.                                  • Clarity on what type of blog to start.
Confidence in starting on the right foot.              • The purpose behind why you’re blogging.
Determination to succeed with your blog.          • Goals to reach and work towards.

Get started on the right foot, and don’t look back in a year and WISH you would have started today.

How to Purchase:

Once purchased, you’ll receive immediate access to your (21 page) downloadable and printable workbook so you can print and complete on your own time!

You will not be mailed a physical copy of this workbook.





Reviews (2)

2 reviews for “Blogging Fearless” Blogging Workbook

  1. Allison L

    This workbook is, well, FANTABULOUS! Jessica is able to break down the steps of starting a blog without making you feel overwhelmed. She does a great job making the whole process meaningful rather than a. Inch of Mumbo-jumbo. She genuinely has the readers best intention in mind! Now, go blog!

    • Jessica

      Thank you SO SO much Allison! This means so much!!

  2. kimberly (verified owner)

    The Fearless Blogging Workbook is indeed a very valuable book to work through. It helped me confirm Blogging is a good fit for me.

    Completing the workbook was beneficial to me for the following reasons:
    – Helped me gain clarity
    – Presented the opportunity for me to focus on my purpose
    – Affirmed a strategy I was beginning to implement
    – I received a very productive customized brainstorming session
    – Offered good foundational information needed before starting a blog
    – Encouraged my confidence in becoming financially independent

    To sum it up… this workbook is a customized brainstorming session on helping you begin to start blogging. Jessica did a great job creating this workbook! I highly recommend “The Blogging Fearless Workbook” and I just bought the course “Fantabulous Blogging 101”

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